Pawn Endgames Workbook by Branko Tadic


Pawn Endgames Workbook comprises 300 pawn endgame exercises curated by GM Branko Tadić. These tests are categorized based on the number of pawns, mirroring the structure of the book “PAWN ENDGAMES – GRANDMASTER ENDGAMES COLLECTION” by GM Vlatko Kovačević.

  • Weight: 270 gr.
  • Language: English
  • Author: GM Branko Tadić
  • ISBN: 978-86-82410-06-5
  • Pages: 160, softcover

Serving as an excellent means to validate acquired knowledge after reviewing examples in the book, this workbook stands out as a rare companion to a chess publication. It’s a fantastic opportunity to delve into something new within the realm of chess literature. Having an entire workbook dedicated to testing your understanding of the book will surely challenge your grasp on the material. If you’re passionate about chess endgames, this workbook can serve as an invaluable tool to hone your skills and solidify your grasp of pawn endgames and their nuances.