Q&A Puzzle by Ivan Ivanisevic


This book is the sequel of the successful puzzle-book series from GM Ivan Ivanisevic. Known as a great tactical player Ivan Ivanisevic select the 548 puzzles All the puzzles have been collected from practical games (OTB, Blitz, Oline). There are more than 500 examples from GM practice. Puzzles are divided into 5 levels of difficulty. In this book, you can find a lot of tactical motifs and ideas which you can use in your games. Maybe you will find your games in our next book! Have fun and enjoy solving puzzles.
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ivan Ivanišević
  • ISBN: 978-86-82410-00-3
  • Pages: 350, hardcover

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Weight 750 g