An excellent book. The author has managed to make it as a top level repertoaire, but also as a club player level repertoaire as well. I played continuations from the book with black pieces three times with titled players, achieving rock solid positions, which ended with two draws and one win for me. The book contains annotated games, so I recommend it not only as an opening preparation, but also for general improvement of chess knowledge as well.

Luka Saric


This book was a revalation for me. Before I got it I always thought that White is (at least) slightly better. After I studied it I changed my opinion completely. In my opinion now “White is on the move” to find some new ideas where black can be pressured. I noticed that Four knight are getting more and more popular on the GM level (this book certainly contributed to that). I like that in many situations the author gives a few options and then I can choose the option which suits more my style of play or goal in the particular game (solid or risky aproach). The knowledge I gained by studying this book has already brought me several important victories in my tournament practice. In each of those games I had very pleasant position after the opening phase.

GM Ante Saric


Sicilian 4 Knights is one of the most ancient lines in this defence together with Bb4 lines. One advantage of the line consists of having the liberty to deplace bishop on b4 and c5, another one it is immune against either Bc4, Bg5 or f3 lines. Serbian GM Milos Perunovic takes the bull by horns and analizes many different lines out of which most criticals are Nc6 and Ndb5 lines. My limited relationship with the line emerged in 2021 when I have decided to theoretically equalize against GM Misa Pap in the penultimate round of Senta. Drawing the game thus achieving first place in the tournament gave me a positive attitude towards the line. However the real baptism by fire came last year when I have had the book. Not only I have made a thorough study of the above mentioned game I also hit the pages with the most critical line Nc6. The simple format of the book where variations could easily be followed made me grasp the content just in a night and I have won the game on the next morning! Not only I recommend the book and the line for Sicilian aficionados but also they may combine it with Cheliabinsk bypassing Rossolimo and Kholmov lines!

GM Suat Atalik